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Arena Manama, Bahrain

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Arena Manama, Bahrain

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Fixed Investing This Campaign started on April 26, 2023 and closed on July 24, 2023, 9:00 pm.
(UTC/GMT 24 Jul,2023 21:00 pm)
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Elevator Pitch

A SaaS-based community platform for padel athletes and enthusiasts

Cap Table

Sr. NO Investor Name Pre-investment (%) Post-investment (%)
1 Othman Janahi 100.000 85.000
2 Incoming investor(s) 0.000 15.000

Company Overview

Arena is a SaaS-based community platform for padel athletes and enthusiasts

Company stage: Seed Funding

How the story began?

Padel is the fastest growing sport on earth, a $200 million industry featuring more than 25 million players. And it's poised to grow to $337 million in the next 5 years. We have identified, a major gap in the industry, our goal is to simplify and revolutionize all sports community interactions.

The problem:

The lack of an online community with the ability to act as a unified directory to book padel facilities, meet and be paired with similarly skilled players, and check up-and-coming events and tournaments happening nearby.

These issues prevent people from fully immersing themselves in padel and enjoying all the benefits it has to offer.

The solution:

Arena, a SaaS-based community platform for padel athletes and enthusiasts. It offers a customer-centric tech-enabled solutions.

Arena solves these issues for our three main users:

Player can build a community:

  1. Booking a court

  2. Finding players to join a match

  3. Check their official federation rank

  4. Tune into a tournament

  5. Purchase padel equipment's

  6. Get sponsorship from key names

Facility owner can utilize a one-stop-shop SaaS:

  1. Maximize occupancy

  2. Monitor, track & report transactions

  3. Sell goods

  4. Host tournaments

  5. Lock in coaches

  6. Create memberships

  7. Lock in players in a loyalty programs

• Coaches can utilize a Gamified Solution

  1. Set their timings

  2. Pair with players based on different skill sets

  3. Track students performance

Customer Segment:


•Padel players

•Facility/court owners

•Padel coaches

•Padel equipment suppliers

•Event management companies

Service description:

Our user friendly platform allows  players and coaches to book courts, matches, track scores, etc. All users have full visibility on their performances, as well as country and federation rankings. We provide an interface to run tournaments from registrations, live score tracking, referee module, brackets, ladder generation, and so on. A backend interface is also provided to monitor performance, modify content, pricing, retain members, and build loyalty.

Revenue streams:

●FMS SaaS subscription

●Pitch bookings

●Coach bookings

●E-store transactions

●tournament bookings

●Friendly matches

●Priority listing fees

Use of funds:

Product development

●Introduction of Arena +

●introduction of Arena + for coaches

●Capture offline payments (20-30% increase booking revenue)

●Introduce booking fee 20%+ booking fee revenue

●Rent E-commerce platform to single player (17% net profit)

●Introduce tournament pricing mechanism (10% GP and free CAC)

●Coaching module (17%+ on GP)

●growing into other sports

●taking on training, sports venues, activities (crossfit, boxing, etc.)

Country expansion

Funds will also be used to assign a country launcher in all GCC countries (salaries, commission etc.) The country launcher’s main purpose is to enlist new facilities onto the platform (amongst other tasks).

●organizing high level tournament in Bahrain as well as GCC to build a bigger community around Arena.

Growth Plan:

•The Company must expand to the Global market, beginning with GCC countries

•Introduce new sports to the platform

•Launch a variety of new features to benefit end user (as mentioned above)

•We are on the verge of signing many new facilities in KSA

Exit Strategy:

The leading padel application in the world is currently Playtomic. In the past two years Playtomic have acquired five different booking applications. With the direction we are heading and the new facilities around the GCC that will be onboarding our platform, we are sure to attract companies like Playtomic. Being the number one booking app in the GCC is really the gateway for an exit strategy (being acquired) within the next 2-3 years. However, we are also confident that our user friendly app has the potential to acquire such companies and become the biggest booking app worldwide. We are on the verge of onboarding up to 15 padel facilities in KSA (Khobar, Riyadh, Jeddah) as well as setting up country launchers in Dubai, Doha, and Kuwait. With this expansion we anticipate that our current valuation of $3,500,000 to increase X2.

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Othman Janahi

The leader

Co-Founder & CTO
Bader Mattar

The leader

Co- Founder & CEO


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