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Nuzul Design Studio

Nuzul Design Studio Manama, Bahrain

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Nuzul Design Studio

Nuzul Design Studio Manama, Bahrain

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Fixed Investing This Campaign started on January 24, 2023 and closed on April 24, 2023, 9:00 pm.
(UTC/GMT 24 Apr,2023 21:00 pm)
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Elevator Pitch

A Bahrain-based design studio with a civil construction division

Cap Table

Sr. NO Investor Name Pre-investment (%) Post-investment (%)
1 Mohamed Seyadi 50.000 45.000
2 Khulood Kaladari 50.000 45.000
3 Incoming investor(s) 0.000 10.000

Company Overview

Nuzul is a Bahrain-based design studio with a civil construction division.                                                                                                                                          

Company stage: Growth Funding


Nuzul is a one stop shop design studio specialized in the design and execution of luxury projects as to achieve our clients vision from residential villas, corporate offices or VIP lounges.

Our strength came from our creative team and diverse experience, as we onboarded mix of talented individuals combining the eastern and western design mind under one place to satisfy our regional design culture.

Pivot point

Nuzul has grown steadily since establishment in 2014 and we have built a solid reputation in the market since we started. Our client base was increasing year by year and we gained our client trust from different sectors from Bahrain, KSA and other GCC countries. In 2020, COVID pandemic came with multiple surprises to the market specially our sector around the world, which has directly reflected on our local markets in the region. During that difficult time, the company went through challenging time in terms of projects cashflow, supply chain and manpower availability due to sanction applied on all the sectors and countries around the world starting from east to the west. By reaching the fourth quarter of 2020, one difficult questions has no answer yet. How long the pandemic will last?

After this market shocking period, Nuzul management has taken a serious actions toward dealing with the situation and has put plan to be ready to pass through this pandemic successfully, and the plan has been activated immediately beginning of 2021. The management plan has been a major restructure in the company from 360-degree aspects from managerial, financial and operational directions. These changes came with certain targets on the business model to be leaner operationally and dynamic at the same time in order to be able to absorb the market challenging reaction and at the same time to be ready to interact with the market opportunities. Also, we minimized the workforce to the minimum possible number without affecting the company operations, accordingly we have hired staff remotely working in multiple countries to ensure the business continuity.

Such efforts gave positive impact on the business by 2022, which was the pivot point in our journey.

Today & tomorrow

After we have seen the positive impact of the plan, Nuzul came out of the pandemic safe and strong. As we achieved positive financials in 2022 and our team became stronger, dynamic and effective.

Our passion driving this journey to another level, as by November 2022 we have officially started expanding our business to KSA, and we are looking to UAE and Qatar as next stage.

In 2023, we are planning to develop the business model to be more specialized and focused operational sectors, as we will enlarge each division to be separate entity itself which will give more synergy to the working teams under each. On top of that, our developers are currently working on the mobile application which will be a forward step toward market disruption in our field.

Customer Segment:

Bahrain, KSA and UAE

Revenue streams:

•Interior architecture design fees

•Consultation fees

•Corporate branding

•Project management & execution fees

•Platform members commission

Use of funds:

Riyadh expansion (50%):  As we have established the company in Riyadh, we will use the portion of the funds in marketing campaigns in KSA to increase Nuzul’s market share. Also, we will need to purchase some machinery and assets to enhance our designers team production and the site works quality.

Platform (35%):  Nuzul is in the process of developing a new digital platform and the development is ongoing. Portion of the funds will be used to speedup the development efforts and to publish the application by Q3 2023. Additionally, the remaining portion will be used in the marketing campaigns of the application.

ERP (15%):  Deploying ERP system internally to increase the company efficiency.

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Mohamed & Khulood


Mohamed Seyadi

The leader

Khulood Kaladari

The leader



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