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Risk Warning


The website and services are provided on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis.  Use the website and services at your own risk. We make no representations about the quality, safety, morality or legality of any fundraising campaign through the services; or the truth or accuracy of the contents posted on the website.

Further, no warranty is given that the website or services are free from any computer virus or other malicious, destructive, or corrupting code, agent, program, or macros.

There are situations when the website or services will be inaccessible, unavailable, or disrupted, including: (i) necessary maintenance; (ii) circumstances outside the control of beban (i.e., external causes such as net access failure, isp equipment failure, host equipment failure, communications network failure, power failure, natural events, acts of war, or legal restrictions and censorship); and (iii) modification, upgrading, suspension, or discontinuation of the provision of or removal of the website or services (whether in whole or in part) from time to time and without beban giving any reason or prior notice.

Beban does not warrant the security of any information transmitted by or to you through the website or services. You accept the risk that any information transmitted or received through the website or services may be accessed by unauthorised third parties or disclosed by beban to third parties purporting to be you or purporting to act under your authority. Transmission over the internet and e-mail may be subject to interruptions, transmission blackouts, delayed transmissions due to internet traffic, or incorrect data transmissions due to the public nature of the internet.

When you use the services, you release us from claims, damages, and demands of every kind - known and unknown, suspected or unsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed - arising out of or related to the services. All content that you access or use through the services is entirely at your own risk and you solely are responsible for any resulting damage or loss to any party.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that the disclaimers and exclusions of liability set forth in the terms and conditions represent a fair and reasonable allocation of the risks and benefits of the contract between you and us, taking into account all relevant factors including without limitation the value of the consideration provided by you.


Crowdfunding is risky, companies using this facility include new or rapidly growing ventures and investment in these types of ventures is speculative and carries high risks. . Prospective investors should consider carefully, together with all other information contained in the website, the principal risk factors before deciding to invest in equity securities.


Stars ups, small to medium sized companies and early-stage companies are high risk equity investments as they may have little to no history of success within their industry. Your investment should be an amount you are wiling to risk or lose not an essential amount as part of your financial planning or structure. You may lose your entire investment, and you should be in a position to bear this risk without undue hardship. Only invest money you are willing to lose.


As these private companies are not publicly traded on stock exchanges or similar platforms. This means that its more difficult to sell your shares or liquidate your investment post purchase. Your investment is unlikely to be liquid which means you are unlikely to be able to sell your shares quickly or at all.


Each campaign listed on our platform should include the rights available to shareholders who participate in this campaign, such as voting, veto and anti-dillution. Thus, it is your reponsability to read and understand the responsibilities and rights that come along with your investment.


Dilution is when a company issues more shares, thus reducing the value of the shares already issued and owned. The value of your investment and any return on the investment could be reduced if the company issues more shares. Please read the information contained in any campaign, including articles of association of the company and its memorandum of association to understand the share structure, pre-emption rights and issuance history.


Prospective investors should not place undue reliance on any information contained in published news reports, in particular, any financial projections, valuations or other forward looking information. Prospective investors should not only rely on the information included in the website in relation to any campaign and the documents referred thereto to make their investment decision. Prospective investors should seek professional advice from their relevant advisors regarding their prospective investment in the context of their particular circumstances. By investing in equity crowdfunding, it means that you are investing in early-stage of companies. It carries a high risk, includes uncertainty of returns, lack of control and liquidity. Hence, these types of investments should only be made as part of a diversified portfolio. Beban wishes all investors to understand these risks and make careful investment decisions.