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How to assess a campaign?

As crowdfunding is relatively a new funding method and many investors will be undertaking investment on Beban for the first time, the team at Beban recommends investors to assess each campaign carefully before investing in it. We have narrowed down the assessment down to 6 key categories where you an assess a campaign in order to make an informed decision:

  1. The Team: Passionate, committed, informed and experienced team behind a business makes it more attractive for investors as you will have more faith in the team managing the investment you pledge.
  2. The Idea: How this business differentiates from the rest of competitors in the market, what is unique about the product offering and how it is being presented to potential customers is a way for investors to trust the business more.
  3. The Value Proposition: How is the business product/service better than competitors? Decide based on what stands out about this product such as key words of ‘cheaper, greener, faster or more profitable’ than existing market competitors. The existing business’ growth plan and how they tend to place their product/service into the market helps identify growth potential.  
  4. The Market: Is this a niche product offering that only caters to a small percentage of the available population? Or is this a product that is offered to a large market than can be taken regionally or globally? The bigger the market, the bigger the growth potential for a business is.
  5. The Risk: All businesses have risks; investors will be interested in the business’ knowledge of their risk universe and how they manage and mitigate them. Are there any barriers to profitability and growth that the business has identified and what are the measures they have undertaken to manage them.
  6. The Financials: Realistic projections and evaluations are key to assessing a business for crowdfunding, how much is the company currently spending, their overhead costs, estimated growth and assumptions that this forecast has been supported by.