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Responsibilities of Beban towards Investors

As part of Beban’s responsibilities as a crowdfunding platform operator, Beban shall conduct due diligence on all campaigns submitted including the campaign, company, and key persons information. Beban will ensure the authenticity of the company, its documentation, and past financials, however, Beban cannot assess or guarantee the success of any campaign or investment.

Beban will review

Beban will not review

  • Company documentation:
    • Articles of Association
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Commercial Certificate & Sijilat extract.
  • Contracts & key partnerships
  • Screening of the company, its shareholders, directors and key senior management.
  • Audited financial statements.
  • Financial projections.
  • Profitability analysis of the company.
  • Feasibility of the company and its projects.
  • Current financial structures of the company.
  • Operations module and strategy.

As an investor, it is your responsibility to analyze each investment opportunity as per your investment plan, goals and budget, it is also important for you to look into each opportunity and assess its profitability, potential success, return on your investment and validity of the data provided.