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How To Create a Campaign

Beban Crowdfunding Process


1. Submit Required Documents

Submit your pitch deck and financials for a full review. Beban's team will contact you to confirm the details.


2. Video

Your Video pitch will be used to introduce your business on the platform. 

You can also submit a video demonstrating your product and product photos to complement the pitch.


3. Pitch Marketing

Beban crowdfunding will provide you with wide exposure to potential investors. You will be responsible to market your campaign to potential investors.

Beban's team will provide you guidance here. 


4. Founder Due Diligence

We require the following documents for co-founders, board of directors and senior management’s due diligence: 

1.National ID Card
3.Proof of Address
4.Residence permit (if applicable)

5. Business Due Diligence

We will need to verify key statements, comments and contracts claimed to ensure that it is “fair, clear and not misleading”.


6. Sign Off

We will sign off your campaign and go live!

We will require you to sign the contract and pay the listing fee of BHD 350 (US$ 930).


7. Campaign goes Live

The hard work starts here!

You need to actively promote your pitch to ensure your campaign is successful. This is where your marketing plan is executed.


8. Funding Target

If you’ve hit 80% of your funding target within 90 days, congratulations! Your campaign will be moved to the final stage!

If you did not reach your target, then the funding will go back to the investors’ account. 


9. Legal Paperwork

We will work with you to finalize the Articles of Association & the legal documents.

In this step, we will conduct Anti-Money Laundering checks on the investors .


10. Funds

We will capture the funds from investors and deduct our success fee. 

This step will take approximately 10 business days for the funds to be transferred to your business account.  


11. Share Certificates

We will work with you to finalize your cap table and issue share certificates on your behalf.


12. Round Complete

Congratulations for closing the round! 

You can now focus on growing your business and executing your growth plans!

Beban will follow up with you on a timely basis for investor reporting