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Things to avoid while listing on the platform

In order to create a successful crowdfunding campaign, businesses are advised to allocate their best resources into creating the crowdfunding offer, this is how investors will decide if your business is worth your investment, it is a timed offer as well so make the best use of the platform from day 1, we recommend you look into the following:

  1. Avoid low quality and unclear visuals

Your images, videos, graphics and visuals tell your story, make sure you invest in the material added with your campaign, do not underestimate the power of a great pitch video that builds a connection between your audience and your business. In addition, do not stick to one picture of your business and/or products, add a gallery of your best moments whether as a startup or in terms of your offering.

  1. Don’t miss out on great storytelling

In most cases, you will have an interesting story behind your business, you as an entrepreneur or even your business’ progress. Do not be afraid to tell your story, there is value in your journey that investors are interested in and will help create buzz for your business. In addition, investors will empathize with you and your story and will feel like they want to be part of it. Summarize your story to under 500 words to be allow everyone to read it and understand the message behind it.

  1. Failing to highlight strengths of your business

Each business has a unique selling point or niche, ensure that is highlighted within your campaign as investors will look into how you stand out in the market and not only on your financials and key performance indicators. Whether it’s a product specification, your unique team, logistical setup or even marketing plan, do not underestimate your business strengths and demonstrate them in your pitch.

  1. Not communicating with investors

Be available on the platform to respond to comments and messages as well as on your own communication channels to ensure investors perceive a positive idea about your business and the quality of your customer service team. In addition, investor queries can bring your attention to areas of shortage or errors in your pitch which will help you amend them before the campaign ends.

  1. Spelling and grammar errors

Ensure your campaign documents are well written and peer reviewed for spelling and grammar mistakes, read through your documents carefully and maybe ask a friend or family member to help you review them for unnoticed mistakes before you submit them on Beban’s platform. A nice clean crowdfunding campaign and investor pitch can go a long way, while texts with grammar or spelling errors are bound to have investors lose trust in the campaign.